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We can give you the knowledge you need to become a Certified Skilled Worker in Only 6 Months!


  • Improve Personnel Skills and Productivity
  • Educate to Efficiency
  • Meet Global Demand and Talent Crunch
  • Renewable Resources


  • Re-educate to employment
  • Support Employer Goals
  • Continue Education to Meet Market and Employer Demands
  • Supplement Your Degrees – Add to Your Resume
  • Internships

This comprehensive program offers each student the realistic training, skills, and insight needed to be part of the next generation of successful Certified Industrial Technicians. We offer DVD Training in the following manufacturing skills:

•  Industrial Basics 101
• Mechanical Skills
• Hydraulic Skills
• Programmable Logic Controller
• Pneumatic Skills
• Industrial Electricity
• Lean Manufacturing

Individual certification is awarded after successful post-testing of each program. Completion of all seven programs earns the student the Certified Multicraft Industrial Technician certification and designation.