Training Programs

Would you like to work in a profession that offers you the chance to work using both your mind and your hands? Do you want to be part of something bigger than yourself where you have the opportunity to give it your best and succeed?

In the present economy only a skilled, well trained person will get the job. With the right training and credentials,  you can put yourself in a much better position to pursue a new career. You can do it! Become CERTIFIED!

America Needs 10 Million Skilled Workers

Certified Multicraft Industrial Technician Program

course-infoThis program contains practical applications for technology in modern industry with Certified Multicraft Industrial Technician training via DVD. These courses are designed to develop a deeper understanding of how technology is utilized in today’s manufacturing processes. One may also consider entrepreneurial opportunities for subcontracting Preventative Maintenance programs needed for small companies.

Automation is a key part of manufacturing products worldwide. Our programs are designed with detailed and illustrated instructions of skills, in a DVD format for learning at your own pace, with reference and review available at your fingertips anytime. All programs include a pre-test, worksheets, and post-test. Certificate of Advanced Manufacturing Skills Training™ is issued upon successful completion of the final test for each program.

Training programs available include:


Individual certification is awarded after successful post-testing of each program. Completion of all seven programs earns the student the Certified Multicraft Industrial Technician certification and designation.