Veteran Support

SRI has a history of support for our United States Veterans.

One of SRI’s major contributors, Bob, was a proud Marine who served from 1960 to 1964 in the early days of Vietnam. Although Bob left the Marine Corp, he never lost his determination or appreciation for his military background. Bob had over 30 years of manufacturing experience in Michigan. He became involved in the training of maintenance tradesmen when the Japanese Mazda first came to the United States. Bob’s involvement in Veteran affairs in Michigan made him acutely aware of unemployment and the difficulty Veterans were having in finding good paying jobs. When he retired, Bob started Bottom Line Training Solutions, now known as World Class “Advanced Manufacturing Skills Training.” SRI helped Bob expand his efforts from Michigan into Northwest Ohio. Although Bob died in 2011, SRI has continued on with his work and efforts to help Veterans, by offering online as well as package training courses for skilled trades.

Recently several companies requested that SRI perform an assessment of their maintenance workforce, a new undertaking for SRI. This is where you can help us. If you are a veteran-owned business, SRI proposes that we work with your company (for free) to assess your work force. We will learn from you, and in exchange, we will define your training needs with respect to your current and future level of automation. We may or may not have a training module to meet your need, but if you wish, we will look for the lowest cost, best solutions to fit your particular needs or automation demands.

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