Lean Manufacturing


24 hours of technical training for Lean Manufacturing Skills on 8 DVDs.

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The Lean Manufacturing Skills training program includes 8 DVDs, each with 3 hours of detailed, illustrated instructions for 24 hours of actual training in the convenience of your home, with unlimited reference and review opportunities.

Lean Manufacturing Skills includes these in-depth training modules:

Module 1 – Not your Father’s Manufacturing
Module 2 – Lean is Profitable
Module 3 – Lean – Not your Father’s Manufacturing Company
Module 4 – Everyone Goes Lean
Module 5 – Lean and Technology
Module 6 – Organizing for Lean Implementation
Module 7 – Lean Machine
Module 8 – Eliminating 6 Big Losses
Module 9 – Autonomous Maintenance
Module 10 – Preventative Maintenance
Module 11 – Skills Training
Module 12 – Small Groups – The Power of WE

Includes Pre-Test, Worksheets, and Post-Test Evaluation. Certificate of Advanced Manufacturing Skills Training awarded upon successful completion of final test.

Completion of all seven DVD programs earns the student the Certified Multicraft Industrial Technician certification and designation.